Hungarian Houses

When you decide buying a property in the country side we can recommend you Hungarian house.
Hungarian Houses can offer full guidance on handling the purchase of your property in the country
side. We will do whatever we can to guide you through the procedure. Everything will be handled by
the Hungarian (mostly English speaking) estate Agents and/or mediator and of course the lawyers.
They know the way, it is their job and they are pleased to be at your service. All is explained by the
name. "Magyar Ház" is Hungarian for "Hungarian House".
Hungarian Houses works in eight main areas and you can find a total overview on this map.
Lake Balaton is very well known and we have offerings west of Lake Balaton with Hévíz and Keszthely
as the centre. Very nice and touristic area with of course Lake Balaton, but also the thermal lake of
Hévíz. Also nice area to rent out your second home.

Bit South of Balaton, in the area Balatonboglar – Marcali there is a nice hilly area, lots of wine yards,
really Hungary and not too far from Lake Balaton and bigger cities. Here we can offer you houses in a
very good price range. For about £ 12.000 or € 15.000 you can already buy a nice house.
If you look more south we offer you a lot of good priced properties in the province Somogy county, in
the area around Dombovar - Kaposvár - Nagyatád. Here, in small(er) villages you buy good quality for
good prices.
Travelling more to the east of Hungary we have very nice offerings of houses/farms with lands of
around 6.000 m2 and sometimes even more. Here you can still find the older Tanya (former farm)
with lot of privacy and big lands for very good prices.
Then east of Budapest you will find the more authentic Hungary. Bit older, not that modern, but
lovely villages and nature. Here we offer houses around Tisza Lake (Tiszafüred and Abádszalók are
the centres) and in the Northern Mountains (Bükk mountains) in the villages around Eger – Miskolc.
Best access (by car) to Hungary is from the West. In the province Vas, nearby Austria, we have
offerings in the area of Sárvár. Nice green area. Sárvár has a famous thermal bath and Vienna is
within 120 – 150 km. Also Balaton within an hour. Great combination.
As you see quit a lot of possibilities, so looking for your Hungarian House in the country side?,