What can we do for YOU?

Why do you need a professional firm and not just "someone" to manage your property?

Dealing with residential real estate, especially in a foreign country, can be a real problem - or rather say - hundreds of small problems which can mount into real issues that are almost impossible to control from abroad. For the most part these problems are manageable if you have a professional firm in place taking care of them on a daily basis; before they escalate or start triggering other problems. That means you need to choose someone with extensive experience, solid background, efficient systems and routines to sort out the problems while they are still manageable.
Condominium issues, non paying tenants, insurance claims, or just a dripping tap are all typical, everyday problems that can lead to bigger problems or substantial financial losses if they are not attended to in a timely manner. These are the sort of issues that can turn an income producing investment into a long term burden.

First steps with Bradley, Edwards and Associates.

Upon taking over a property, we carry out an assessment of the status of the unit. We thoroughly check existing contracts, financial balances, we investigate any past due invoices, read and check meters, do a full, photo documented inventory. We provide landlords with a report so that they get a clear picture of technical and financial issues to be solved should there be any. Should there be unpaid bills left by former tenants, managers or owners - we contact service providers or the condominium manager in order to negotiate resolutions.

Bradley works with tried and tested partners and subcontractors.

We prepare the property for rental or in some case just habitation, fix problems, carry out professional cleaning, take pictures and write the letting or sales advertisements.

We don't just advertise properties for rent or sale but using multi-channel marketing we reach the potential tenants or buyers quickly and effectively. That is why more than 95% of our managed properties are let at any given time; while the average time to sell an apartment with Bradley is less than 3 months.

We run state-of-the-art software that provide real-time information regarding balances, invoices, works-in-progress.

Your benefit from our experience!

We have been dealing with foreign investors' real estate assets for 10 years. We not only have seen all sorts of problems but we have also learned from them. Most of our colleagues have been with Bradley for at least 5-6 years and we try to make sure, that whatever we experience becomes part of our knowledge base and available to everyone within the firm. We know more about what can happen than most property owners and we also know how to sort out problems when they arise.

Presently Bradley operates a portfolio of some 500 individual units in Hungary. This means that we have experience with over 60 different condominiums, small developments and large ones, studio apartments and houses, parking's and commercial units. Our clients are buying, selling, letting, or using their properties all the time. Therefore we deal with facility managers, utility providers, subcontractors, financing mortgage banks, lawyers, tenants, buyers and sellers on a daily basis. We are always putting our clients' interest first, which payings off in referrals from our satisfied customers.

We have a specially designed software that provides real-time information on the financial balance of any property in two currencies (EUR and HUF). Being interfaced to the banks, the ledger, and the CRM software; we have full transparency at all times. We have also automated the utility calculations, the billing, and the collection monitoring, so we have a very reliable background, not only about what the clients have in their accounts, but also about what they can be expect.