Hungary home prices up 7% in Q3 2018 - Eurostat

Although the pace of home price increases in Hungary is rapid, the Q3 figure was below the 10.6% and 11.4% year-on-year increases recorded in Q2 2018 and Q1 2018, respectively.

In Q3 2018, home prices in the Czech Republic rose 8.7%. Prices were up 6.5% in Poland, 4.4% in Slovakia, and 15.1% in Slovenia, putting Hungary closer to the median rate of price increases in the EU, Eurostat noted.

Two countries registered a year-on-year decrease, as prices fell by 2.1% in Sweden and 0.8% in Italy in the quarter.

Compared with the second quarter of 2018, house prices increased by 1.6% in the euro area, while rising by 1.5% in the EU as a whole, in the third quarter of last year.

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