An overwhelming majority of the apartments in Budapest are rented furnished to some level if not completely. This is what the tenants demand and therefore these are the apartments that are rented easily. Bradleys extensive local market knowledge will ensure that you get the best furnishing package and that you don't over-spend on a package which will eat up your rental income unnecessarily.

Bradleys knowledge will of tenants needs will enable you to choose such things as: the required spec/quality; Using available space as a study or a second bedroom;  Should the sofa be convertible or standard; will your tenant want Dishwasher or a bigger TV

We have been furnishing apartments for several years and have signed thousands of lease agreements. We probably know better what is essential, than most owners and definitely than interior designers.

Packages: Basic, Classic, Deluxe

Solutions that can be quickly applied to the requirements.  Easy to calculate, easy to fit, helps the property to get back on the market faster.

Hints and tips

What should you consider when furnishing a rental property in Budapest... what are the most important aspects? What is the solution that provides the best return on your investment?