What distinguishes Bradley from the Competition?

Bradley Edwards and Associates Ltd. is a market leader with nearly 500 unique properties under management – All for foreign owners and investors like YOU

Bradley Edwards and Associates (Bradley) was founded on the principal of “providing superior service to our foreign domiciled clients in the Hungarian market place” regardless of the property’s location more than 10 years of Property Management service for landlords from:

Ireland, England, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, the United States, France, Germany and Russia. Our tenants include the Spanish, Turkish and Pakistani Embassies; as well as corporate tenants like Exxon, GE and ING.

Not surprisingly 95 - 97% of our properties are rented at any one time.

We provide clients with dedicated, multilingual property managers who are responsible for your property and know YOU as a person not just as a client. Regardless of the location or size of your property, we offer strict control of rent collection, bill collection and payments.

All data is stored and managed in our integrated CRM software which streamlines processes, proactively monitors workflows and ensures powerful up to moment reporting Landlords receive quarterly financial statements in both HUF and Euro Technically qualified, highly skilled, multilingual, managers and sales support.